Our plan will reduce costs, stop corrupt government kickbacks, and ensure your personal health care decisions are made by you and your doctor — not Washington DC.

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  • Your Health. Your Doctor. Your Wallet. Your Choice.

    It’s time to put you and your doctor back in the driver’s seat with patient-centered, free market solutions.

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  • No More Middlemen!

    The real reason behind outrageous drug prices and shortages. Click below to learn more about the tragic and unnecessary suffering that Americans are experiencing as a result of this scheme.

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  • Patient-Centered, Fiscally Responsible Healthcare Reform

    Physicians for Reform is leading a powerful coalition of patients, physicians, and business owners to rebuild our nation’s broken healthcare system.

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It is possible to make health insurance affordable for every American! Our plan protects people with pre-existing conditions, reduces drug prices, and lowers insurance premiums through increased choice and price transparency. Make your voice heard. Tell the Washington DC bureaucrats there is a way to improve our nation’s health care system while reducing costs.

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When doctors and patients band together, we become a vocal, vital force that politicians in Washington DC can’t ignore. 

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